Grilling time.

gas grill Char-Broil 4 burnerGrilling time. Let’s plan this weekend’s bar-b-cue. Your 4 burner Char-Broil gas grill is ready to cook. The propane tank is full. Your long handled utensils are lined up as if you were ready for surgery. You even have the apron that says “kiss the cook”.

So, what are we grilling? Try marinating a London broil in some whiskey, soy sauce, and olive oil with several finely chopped garlic cloves and a ton of black pepper (that’s for the black pepper enthusiasts out there).

Take several scrubbed baking potatoes and cut them into 1 inch thick slices. In a bowl, mix some olive oil, thyme, garlic powder, and black pepper. Toss the sliced potatoes in the oil mixture until evenly coated then grill next to your London broil.

A great dinner will be ready in no time, thanks to your Char-Broil grill.


Artisan fire bowl is ready to decorate your patio.

artisan fire bowlThis artisan fire bowl is ready to decorate your patio. A fire bowl with these design details makes a major decorative statement. Crafted by a local artisan each piece is individually numbered.

Created from carbon steel, two pieces are welded together. The iron oxide patina finish will darken over time. This gorgeous bowl also features a rain drain, allowing for water drainage. It is designed to last a lifetime.

Summer is almost upon us. There will be many evenings where you will gather with friends and family enjoying the beauty and warmth of this bold fire bowl.

O boy, what you can do with reuseable silicone baking cups.

reusable silicone cup cake linersO boy, what you can do with reusable silicone baking cups. Sure you can bake thousands of beautiful cupcakes. (Please invite me over when you do. I am a wonderful cupcake tester.) This material makes it possible to do so much more.

Having a party? Think about individual baked appetizers or hors d’oeuvres. How about individual cheesecakes or quiches? Frozen desserts can just be popped out of the cupcake liner and served to your family or guests.

Use these silicone liners to hold snacks for your child. These make perfect portions for small children. The baking cups can also be used as dividers in lunchboxes.

Now back to the cupcakes. My Mother used to make either lemon or chocolate cupcakes. When cooled, she would hollow them out with a grapefruit knife and fill the hole with pudding. She would then top it with the piece she cut out, finishing it with a dusting of powdered sugar. The cupcakes would have to be placed back in the refrigerator until serving time but the coolness always added to the deliciousness of these cupcakes. To top it off they always made an elegant presentation.

You light up my life.

Stiffel floor lampYou light up my life. No, I am not going to break out in song. (Here’s where everybody breathes a deep sigh of relief and falls to their knees in prayerful thanks.)

We all need good lighting throughout our homes whether it be task lighting in the kitchen or workshop, general room lighting, a good reading lamp by your favorite chair or bedside, or safety lighting such as on the stairway or outside your home. One thing we don’t often think about is that as we get older, we need more light than we did in our younger days. Nobody wants to admit that they are ageing (I am still 18) but our eyes age also along with the rest of the body. Yes, a little more light will raise your electric bill but it will save you from unnecessary falls or injuries. Fortunately, there is a wide range of energy saving light bulbs to choose from.

Sometimes one looks for something unique.

pleated blackout shadeSometimes one looks for something unique. I know, you say there is no unique home decor out there. If you have an unusual need then you can be heading into unique territory with how you solve the issue.

Some people are just looking for an inexpensive yet sophisticated window treatment. Perhaps they have a home theatre or electronic game room where darkness is desired. Others work off hours, needing to sleep undisturbed by the bright sunlight. Black blackout shades can be one attractive solution for these needs.

Old pots and pans beat up?

Cuisinart 7 piece cookware setOld pots and pans beat up? Stop hitting your husband over the head with the frying pan. You’ll only get in trouble and ruin a perfectly good pan to boot. (Seriously a friend used to say his Mom did this to his Dad when mad. Not nice.) Decorating tip for your cookware — replace it. You will be happier cooking with something new.

Perhaps a 7 piece stainless steel cookware set by Cuisinart may solve the problem. There is a 10″ frying pan, 8 qt. stockpot, a 1 1/2 qt. and a 3 qt. sauce pan. Three lids are included, the one fits both the frying pan and stockpot.


Sound is another aspect of interior decorating.

Bose Wave Music System IVSound is another aspect of interior decorating. Some sounds are pleasant such as the voices of your children playing. Others aren’t very wonderful like your neighbors dog barking or traffic noises from the street. One thing most can agree upon is we love music. Doesn’t matter which genre, a good tune is a good tune.

Well, may I present the Bose Wave Music System, a fabulous way to enjoy your music. Bose uses the latest breakthrough waveguide technology, enhancing their products and your enjoyment. This Bose comes with a CD/MP3 CD player, advanced AM/FM tuner, and text display of song information. Let the music fill your home.

This comfortable leather recliner love seat may be just what you need.

comfortable leather recliner love seatThis comfortable leather recliner love seat may be just the home decorating tip that you need to add spice to your relationship. It’s movie night, just imagine cuddling with your loved one sharing popcorn while watching a romantic comedy. Pull a cozy throw over the two of you as you snuggle closer together. This can all be the beginning of a very perfect evening. Who knows where this all can lead?

A small TV for a child’s room.

seiki LED TV 19 inchWhen you need a small TV for a child’s room, you aren’t looking for decorating tips. You are looking for a recommendation on a suitable TV. Recently, I purchased a small inexpensive TV for my daughter’s room.

This 19 inch Seiki LED TV seemed to do the trick. I needed something small enough and light enough for me to carry upstairs. The TV came with a remote and also had buttons along the side for the usual on/off, channels, and volume. The price fit my budget. My daughter was all excited about getting a new TV and thinks it works fine.

If you are thinking about buying an extra TV and want a small inexpensive one, this is the one to purchase.