I Love The Keurig Coffee Makers At Work

coffee maker KeurigThe Keurig coffee makers that I have at work are perfect for giving me the perfect cup of coffee or tea. I love that with these coffee makers, I can have just the right size portion of my coffee or tea and it brews within minutes. These coffee makers are perfect for my busy schedule. They give me just what I need for a boost of energy and momentum.

I had never tried Keurig coffee or tea in the past and I’m very glad that we got a Keurig coffee maker for our break room. The coffee maker makes things much easier when it comes to making the perfect cup. I don’t have to worry about pouring just the right amount and I can have my fresh cup ready without having to put the different elements of my coffee together.

It’s great to be able to have a nice boost of energy when I need it. I love to drink my tea in the mornings and throughout the day as well. I don’t know what I would do without my fresh cup of tea to give me the energy I need to get me ready for a productive day. I like drinking coffee on occasion as well and I can have the delicious goodness that I crave with Keurig coffee makers.

Spring may or may not be here and it’s time to change.

Heritage lace blossom tiersSpring may or may not be here and it’s time to change. What do I mean spring may not be here? It’s April already. Well, folks, we just went through a heck of a cold spell with a little snow added just to tee us off. I want my spring back.

Started looking at my kitchen window, thinking how maybe it’s high time I bought a new curtain. (But I like my old one. Yes, but it’s starting to look its age.) I am eyeing this pretty lace with blossoms (I want spring). I think it’s a little too sheer to place in a bathroom no matter how pretty it may be. Privacy is less important in the kitchen. Just need something pretty to decorate the window.

O boy, what you can do with reuseable silicone baking cups.

reusable silicone cup cake linersO boy, what you can do with reusable silicone baking cups. Sure you can bake thousands of beautiful cupcakes. (Please invite me over when you do. I am a wonderful cupcake tester.) This material makes it possible to do so much more.

Having a party? Think about individual baked appetizers or hors d’oeuvres. How about individual cheesecakes or quiches? Frozen desserts can just be popped out of the cupcake liner and served to your family or guests.

Use these silicone liners to hold snacks for your child. These make perfect portions for small children. The baking cups can also be used as dividers in lunchboxes.

Now back to the cupcakes. My Mother used to make either lemon or chocolate cupcakes. When cooled, she would hollow them out with a grapefruit knife and fill the hole with pudding. She would then top it with the piece she cut out, finishing it with a dusting of powdered sugar. The cupcakes would have to be placed back in the refrigerator until serving time but the coolness always added to the deliciousness of these cupcakes. To top it off they always made an elegant presentation.

Old pots and pans beat up?

Cuisinart 7 piece cookware setOld pots and pans beat up? Stop hitting your husband over the head with the frying pan. You’ll only get in trouble and ruin a perfectly good pan to boot. (Seriously a friend used to say his Mom did this to his Dad when mad. Not nice.) Decorating tip for your cookware — replace it. You will be happier cooking with something new.

Perhaps a 7 piece stainless steel cookware set by Cuisinart may solve the problem. There is a 10″ frying pan, 8 qt. stockpot, a 1 1/2 qt. and a 3 qt. sauce pan. Three lids are included, the one fits both the frying pan and stockpot.


You need a hand blender to make a good smooth gravy.

#Cuisinart smart stick immersion blenderForget home and garden. It’s Sunday and kitchen is what you’re concentrating on. You need a hand blender to make a good smooth gravy to go with that beautiful Sunday roast beef you just made. No more lumpy gravy for your family. They deserve the best and you will prepare the best with this Cuisinart smart stick immersion blender.

Best of all the smart stick comes with attachments. There is a handy chopper, all ready to produce a quick bruschetta for you. The wisk will quickly froth those egg whites for your famous lemon meringue pie. (OK, I’m coming over for dinner.) Lastly, there is a beaker which can be used as a measuring cup or to blend drinks in it.

This hand immersion blender works wonderfully and is a good value making it a great addition to your kitchen.

St. Patrick’s Day interior design tips.

St Patricks DayPractical St. Patrick’s Day interior design tips. First of all. you must buy one of those shamrock plants that you see in the supermarket plants and gifts section this time of year. House plants are always fun to watch grow and they use the carbon dioxide that we exhale. Don’t forget to water it.

The next simple thing is to get some St. Patrick’s Day dish towels. One always can use more dish towels. These are not just decorative but serve a useful purpose throughout the year. Just a small way to add a little St. Patrick’s green without blowing the budget.

This 6 quart oval slow cooker is perfect for cooking Sunday dinner.

crock pot 6 quart slow cookerThis 6 quart oval slow cooker is perfect for cooking Sunday dinner. Set it up early so that a great meal is slowly cooking while you spend your day with your family. Not only is it large enough to cook a big meal but the carry handles allow you to take it with you to another’s house. Then again, since it really is a great delicious meal you might want to keep it for your household. Nobody in your family would blame you.

Another advantage to cooking a large meal is that you have leftovers for another day. Life gets hectic. Nothing better than having dinner prepared in advance.


Need a cuppa coffee after shoveling snow today?

Mr Coffee 12 cup programmable, need a cuppa coffeeNeed a cuppa coffee after shoveling snow today? I did and there wasn’t that much to shovel. Just got chilled to the bone and wanted something hot and strong. A hot cup of joe did the trick.

Now a programmable coffee pot like this one could have been set up, ready to start just before I returned inside. Hmm, it could have been set up ready to brew just before I walked downstairs this morning. Even better idea.

The best 8 cup food processor out there.

best 8 cup food processor

Best 8 cup food processor

The best 8 cup food processor out there. This Hamilton Beach has a slicing/shredding disc, a chopping blade, and an S blade for mixing or pureeing. Best of all the top can be inverted for space saving storage. We certainly need every bit of cabinet space and are always looking for ways to store more items neatly.

Beautiful salads can be created, vegetables are cut thinly and evenly using the slicing blade. The shredder will make lovely thin sliced cabbage for coleslaw or shredded lettuce for tacos. The chopping blade will chop those onions and green peppers for your family’s favorite chili. That S blade will mix bread dough or puree your famous recipe for butternut squash soup.

Oh yeah! You are going to be cooking up a storm with this.

Darth Vader waffle irons are invading.

darthDarth Vader waffle irons are invading your home landscaping. They are flying low, finally landing on your kitchen counter. Oh, oh. Children will be clamoring for Darth Vader waffles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here’s where you can get creative. Don’t just put butter and maple syrup on them. It’s tasty but there are so many different things you can add. Ignite your imagination. Throw some chocolate chips in the batter. When finished cooking drizzle a little chocolate sauce over, add a dollop of whip cream (OK a large amount of whip cream), and garnish with sprinkles and a cherry. Strawberries or peaches are healthy topping choices while still having everyone’s mouths watering. Toss a few chopped walnuts on top to boot. Have you ever tried spreading a thin layer of raspberry jam on your waffle? Oh, you have spread a thick layer of raspberry jam on your waffle. That works too.