This handmade cachepot is a strong accent piece in any room of your home.

Italian handmade large cachepotThis handmade cachepot is a strong accent piece in any room of your home. It’s bright coral color boldly grabs your gaze while the intricate pattern holds it there.

Since each piece is handmade and hand painted, each piece will be unique, varying slightly from the picture. They are not dishwasher or microwave safe and should only be wiped with a damp cloth.

Brighten your home with this warm splash of color.


You light up my life.

Stiffel floor lampYou light up my life. No, I am not going to break out in song. (Here’s where everybody breathes a deep sigh of relief and falls to their knees in prayerful thanks.)

We all need good lighting throughout our homes whether it be task lighting in the kitchen or workshop, general room lighting, a good reading lamp by your favorite chair or bedside, or safety lighting such as on the stairway or outside your home. One thing we don’t often think about is that as we get older, we need more light than we did in our younger days. Nobody wants to admit that they are ageing (I am still 18) but our eyes age also along with the rest of the body. Yes, a little more light will raise your electric bill but it will save you from unnecessary falls or injuries. Fortunately, there is a wide range of energy saving light bulbs to choose from.

Interior Design Tips Helped Me Transform My Studio Apartment

bedroom I live in a pretty small studio apartment and I wanted it to feel like a real home. Many people think that studio living can’t be great living but that is completely wrong. If you have the right interior design, you can really make the most out of any small space. I got lots of interior design tips that gave me a very cozy studio home.

I looked online and found many helpful interior design tips for a studio. I arranged my furniture in order to maximize my space and added some pretty mirrors and decor items that made the space look bigger. I now have a very comfortable studio that I can look forward to relaxing in with great interior design tips.

A shower curtain/rug set to bring your bathroom together.

burgundy shower curtain with matsWhat you need is a shower curtain and rug set to bring your bathroom together. Interior design tips always include coordination of color scheme to unify a room. What better way is there than with this lovely burgundy bath set with pretty trim.

The set includes a shower curtain, shower rings, a bath mat plus a contoured mat, bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth. If you are decorating on a budget this lively set will brighten and unify your bath.

Neighbors house too close and you are tired of looking out the window at it?

scenic curtainNeighbors house too close and you are tired of looking out the window at it? No! You are not allowed to nuke the neighbors house. I don’t care how tempting the idea is. Don’t do it. One of the best decorating tips I can offer is hanging a curtain with a scene on it.

This window art panel may be the solution to your problem. Now you don’t see your neighbor’s house anymore, just a pretty scene. There are other window art panels out there with other scenes. You can periodically rotate them to change your view. Problem solved.

Bright colors are a decorating tip for your child’s room.

ttrBright colors are a decorating tip for your child’s room. Bold primary colors look great and activate your child’s visual senses and imagination. You buy your child educational toys so why not room decor that will stimulate his/her thinking and imagination.

It’s always easy to match furniture and decor to bold primary colors. There are no off shades of red, blue, or yellow that are hard to find or coordinate. They all go so well together. Add your child’s favorite characters or playthings and you have a winner.

Interior Design Tips for your Kitchen: COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE.

coffee kInterior design tips for your kitchen: COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE. Yeah, it’s Monday. What else is new? So what if it’s a holiday. Give me my coffee. Now!

Yes, some weeks start out that way. Hope your day went better. God Bless whoever thought of using coffee as a beverage and whoever invented the coffee pot. Both of those people are saints, great benefactors of humanity, and worthy of being worshipped.

Interior decorating tips for the reader in all of us.

bookshelvesInterior decorating tips for the reader in all of us. Yes, that means you. Not all of us have our cute little Kindles to download books onto. Mind you I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with them, an e-reader is a darn useful tool. I own one myself.

What I am saying is, there are enough people out in the universe who own plenty of real books. To top it off, we like the feel of a good book in our hands. We love turning real pages. The heft, the weight of the book reminds us of the weighty thoughts inside.

Those of us who indulge our reading habit always are in need of a good bookcase. You can only give away so many books to friends, they need another bookcase, too. (Did you say you have books coming out your ears?)

Where to put that new bookcase — hallway, living room, dining room, bedroom, home office, family room, library, or bathroom. Bookcases come in abundant sizes, narrow to wide and short to tall in finishes to match your decor. Think about which space you will enhance and the size which will fit best. You can even find corner bookcases.

Happy reading.

Just one more home decor change before the game on Sunday.

tvJust one more home decor change before the game on Sunday. You want that new TV. Yes, you do. You want it so bad, you can taste it.

Your old TV can go in your bedroom or the family room. Worse case scenario, you can give it to one of the kids (if they’ve been really, really good).There is always someplace to put an old TV. E -Bay may be begging for it, too.

When the new TV arrives just place it  on top the new corner TV stand, hook up your cable,  sit back and enjoy.