Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Include Adding Water Features

water fountain There is lots that you can do with a front yard and I would recommend adding some water features to it. The look of a beautiful waterfall really adds a lot of depth and uniqueness to your front yard landscape. The water features that I got for my front yard make it have a stand-out look and a calming effect.

I love having beautiful water features in my front yard. The waterfalls complement the flowers and bushes that I have perfectly and they look amazing. I get a nice serene feeling every time I go to enter my home and that’s all thanks to my great water features. Adding water features are the best front yard landscaping ideas in my opinion.

Go green.

push mowerGo green, use less electric or gas, and Doc says you need to exercise more. (No, do not thumb your nose at your doctor. He’s looking out for you.) Perhaps its time to try a push mower.

This economical reel mower has a 14-inch cutting width and 8.5-inch wheels. You do not have to bother with gas fill-ups or electricity. You are what’s powering this push mower.  Check your fit-bit to see how many steps you take while mowing this summer.

The cutting height is adjustable. Your lawn will look perfect and you will get some ecological exercise.


Lay back in your double hammock and enjoy the fine weather.

double hammockLay back in your double hammock and enjoy the fine weather. Place this brightly striped hammock out in your yard and get ready to relax. The space saving steel stand means you can situate it anywhere. No need to sling your hammock between two trees.

What a way to enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon. Read a good book or your kindle. Take a much deserved long nap. Just gaze up at the clouds and decide what shapes they resemble.

Hey! This is a double hammock. That means two people. Quick, invite your partner to join you for a little romantic togetherness.

Artisan fire bowl is ready to decorate your patio.

artisan fire bowlThis artisan fire bowl is ready to decorate your patio. A fire bowl with these design details makes a major decorative statement. Crafted by a local artisan each piece is individually numbered.

Created from carbon steel, two pieces are welded together. The iron oxide patina finish will darken over time. This gorgeous bowl also features a rain drain, allowing for water drainage. It is designed to last a lifetime.

Summer is almost upon us. There will be many evenings where you will gather with friends and family enjoying the beauty and warmth of this bold fire bowl.

Backyard Landscaping Gave Me The Perfect Little Hideaway

backyard lanscape I finally completed a big backyard landscaping project and I’m very happy with the results that I got. I love having a fresh space that I can relax in and where I can enjoy taking in all of the fresh air. My backyard landscaping project gave me exactly the kind of space that I was looking for. My backyard has turned into the perfect haven.

There are so many creative things you can do with your backyard and I’m glad that I got an amazing company to build me the backyard of my dreams. My backyard features stone paths that lead to a covered seating area surrounded by beautiful bushes and trees. This backyard landscaping project has proved to be a great success.

Need a cuppa coffee after shoveling snow today?

Mr Coffee 12 cup programmable, need a cuppa coffeeNeed a cuppa coffee after shoveling snow today? I did and there wasn’t that much to shovel. Just got chilled to the bone and wanted something hot and strong. A hot cup of joe did the trick.

Now a programmable coffee pot like this one could have been set up, ready to start just before I returned inside. Hmm, it could have been set up ready to brew just before I walked downstairs this morning. Even better idea.

Did Mother Nature dump a load of snow on your garden landscape this weekend?

snow joeDid Mother Nature dump a load of snow on your garden landscape this weekend? She dumped over 20 inches on mine.

Yes, I procrastinated this winter and never quite got around to ordering the snowblower I swore I would order this year. My fault. I am the queen of procrastination. Fortunately, two teens had stopped by asking if I needed my snow shoveled. (I needed it to all magically disappear but I settled for shoveled.) These young men did a nice job. Kudos to them.

Moral of the story: If you are thinking of purchasing a piece of equipment that will ease your chores, do it while you are thinking of it and before the stores have a run on the product. I know my home and garden store is plumb out of snowblowers by now and probably hasn’t had this cordless Snow Joe model in stock for weeks. Too late to order online for this storm.

Christmas Lights.

Christmas lights are shining throughout your neighborhood. Please use sturdy ladders or stepladders when mounting yours. Safety is important for you and your family.

Building codes in most if not all towns require that outside outlets be grounded. If you have an older home please check that the outdoor outlets are indeed grounded. Please do not assume they are. It’s easy enough to call your local electrician to change them. Short circuits or any other electrical problems can be hazardous and spoil this wondrous season for you and your family.