Go green.

push mowerGo green, use less electric or gas, and Doc says you need to exercise more. (No, do not thumb your nose at your doctor. He’s looking out for you.) Perhaps its time to try a push mower.

This economical reel mower has a 14-inch cutting width and 8.5-inch wheels. You do not have to bother with gas fill-ups or electricity. You are what’s powering this push mower.  Check your fit-bit to see how many steps you take while mowing this summer.

The cutting height is adjustable. Your lawn will look perfect and you will get some ecological exercise.


Quality Gardening Equipment Helped Me Create My First Garden

gardening tools I created my first lovely garden with the help of some good advice and some awesome gardening equipment. This garden looks amazing and I’m very glad that I decided to get started with this project. My garden turned out very beautiful. I was reluctant to take on a garden at first, but I am now glad that I decided to create one.

I used some quality equipment in order to plant flowers and bushes and create a wonderful and majestic garden space. My equipment included handy gardening sets for preparing the soil, watering the plants, and trimming the plants as well. I would recommend shopping for the right gardening equipment for anyone deciding to start a beautiful garden.

Do you need new gardening supplies?

ga toolsDo you need new gardening supplies? Time to inspect your old equipment. Look around your shed or garage to check what condition things are in. Can you find your gardening tools? The rake and hoe are there. Thank God their long handles stick out. Makes it so much simpler. So where the heck is the rest of the stuff? Oh, you put the smaller items in labeled boxes up on the shelf. Good idea. Very neat.

You’ve found your small hand rake and trowel but one has a nasty bend in the handle. They look pretty beat up. You did a lot of planting last year. Perhaps it’s time to replace them with a new ergonomic set. Reward yourself. The old set can go in the trunk for when you visit the cemetery.

Gardening supplies? Are you ready?

potting benchGardening supplies? Are you ready? No! Don’t ask ready for what. February is almost over. Time to think about your garden. Don’t say must I? It’s not just mowing the lawn. There truly is more fun stuff in your yard to be done.

Try a potting bench. You need a good work area. You can plant flowers in pots or hanging baskets. Why pay a ton of money to the garden center? You can plant seeds in starter kits. The snake plant from the living room needs a bigger pot. No need to make a mess in the house.

Rinse it off and you have a serving table for your next bar-b-cue. Double duty always works for me.

Did Mother Nature dump a load of snow on your garden landscape this weekend?

snow joeDid Mother Nature dump a load of snow on your garden landscape this weekend? She dumped over 20 inches on mine.

Yes, I procrastinated this winter and never quite got around to ordering the snowblower I swore I would order this year. My fault. I am the queen of procrastination. Fortunately, two teens had stopped by asking if I needed my snow shoveled. (I needed it to all magically disappear but I settled for shoveled.) These young men did a nice job. Kudos to them.

Moral of the story: If you are thinking of purchasing a piece of equipment that will ease your chores, do it while you are thinking of it and before the stores have a run on the product. I know my home and garden store is plumb out of snowblowers by now and probably hasn’t had this cordless Snow Joe model in stock for weeks. Too late to order online for this storm.

Having the right tools for autumn leaves really helps.

In some parts of this country snow is falling but here in the middle of Jersey we are just finishing up with those darn leaves. My town is finishing collecting them this week and next.

Not many raking enthusiasts out there. That was the good old days. Now we are blessed with leaf blowers to push them all in piles and those claws to scoop them up into recyclable bags. Some folks have have bagging attachments on their push or riding lawnmowers. This task is completed with much more ease.

Yes, we still need a good sturdy rake to finish off the details but it’s nothing like the old days.