Interior decorating: Just change up your dining room table and chairs.

cherry dining room setInterior decorating: Just change up your dining room table and chairs. Your dining room needs updating but you are not ready to totally redo the room. You just went through the holidays where you had company coming out your ears. Seating was a challenge. Deep down you know you need something different. (What do you mean, absolutely anything is different than what you currently own? Not nice to say.)

Perhaps a new dining room table and chairs in a finish matching your existing dining room hutch would spice up the room. A partial redo is an inexpensive method to attain your goal. Now is the time when there is no deadline looming on the horizon where everything has to be shipped and in place before holiday company arrives for dinner. Your time is now. Do it.

Holidays are coming.

Holidays are coming and do you have enough space at the dinning room table for all invited? No?

Time to check out the condition of your old folding table and chairs. Dust them off, look them over. Are they still sturdy enough for your guests? Do you need to purchase a few more chairs to accommodate all? Where the hell are you going to put all those people? You could buy another larger dinning room table but that’s costly and will it be delivered in time? Extended family keeps on expanding, doesn’t it?

Don’t forget to move the kitchen table into the living room also. This limits your kitchen work area for the big day but with a nice table cloth you have that extra needed seating.

Who remembers the “kid’s table” from our youth? Yes, I have had my kids sit on the floor around the coffee table for big dinners. When you are desperate, you’re desperate.

Best wishes and good luck.